Happy Holidays from Down Under :D


I'm going to be gone probably most of the rest of December. I'll try to post, either way I'll see you on the flip side. Happy Holidays!

Since for most pagans it's nearly Yule, I thought I'd help my fellow cafepress users and point out the pretty decorations of the pagan persuasion. and if you want to make me happy my cafepress store is HERE. Please do purchase something.

Each image links to it's page, you'll find a lot of them come on shirts and such too. I could link to probably hundreds, but I won't, heres a small few.

I miss my horse, a lot. I've never spoken of my riding on here, I don't think. But I'm a horse rider. I'm a horse person. I have owned a horse before, and can say that with a horse I am closer than blood. If you find the right horse, or you are a horse person like myself you would understand that with these animals, these wondrous beasts of burden you can touch souls. They can read your very inner being.

I never remember not loving horses. I don't mind the smell, I don't mind cleaning up after them, I adore sinking my hands into their manes and holding them close to me, breathing in the warm earthy scent as I cuddle them. I love riding bareback with only a halter and reins, the absolute trust you need to give your fate over to the horse. I love being able to sit on a horse and hold them around the neck and cry and feel that they really understand me in a way humans never have and never will.

I miss my horse. I miss riding so very much it makes me weep. I would lay down my life for my horse, because I can think of nothing better, nothing more pure, more kind and more worthy than a good horse.

I haven't ridden a horse in two years. I owned a horse, he was a thoroughbred. An ex racer. A beautiful chestnut horse of a grand 21 years with the spirit of a five year old . My beautiful 16.1hh Rocki. He wasn't the best horse in the world, and in ways I don't think he was the horse for me. But he was mine. He was my dream. A horse of my very own. A horse I rode to pony club on, a horse that made me take two hours of my life of catch, a horse that made me run so fast that I was quicker than he,so I didn't get kicked in the head and die.

But he was also the horse whose hooves I could sit at. The horse who ate my hot dog buns when I sat next to his pen at pony club. The horse I clung to and wept when my grandfather died. The horse I nursed back to health after his previous owners had barely fed him. The horse that followed me over the Rocki grannite strewn hill that was my uncles farm so I could just sit and have a horse near by. Hell. He even got me cantering.

I can't ride anymore, not like I used too, or not with stirrups at least. I hurt my ankles two years ago on a trail ride and couldn't even stand when I got off of Rocki, and like the gentle soul he is at heart he stood still while his silly rider clung to the saddle with dear life, unable to get back on, unable to stand. He could have run or done something, but he knew I was hurt. The people didn't even notice that.

I miss my horse.

I love you Rocki. May blessings follow you the rest of your days, whoever owns you, you silly old sot.

I haven't been neglecting my blog. Well, not really. It's been storming a lot of late, which I do not know if it is good or not. This is both a blessing an a curse in more than our need of water, so desperately. Mum insists all computers are off and unplugged during the storms, thus I have idle hands. These Idle hands have been making themselves at least a little useful.

I've been sewing a fair bit, or well more than I usually do on any given day. It's not that I'm not fond of sewing, I actually and highly fond of it. It's more of a lack of time/ideas/will to sit still and sew. But I made a wee goddess doll (there are no pictures of her yet, as it is dark now and it would be of awful quality, perhaps tomorrow if I remember), she's made out of black material and stands a tiny 5 inches or so tall. I'm yet to adorn her, but I will in time.

I also started making little 'Christmas Trees' for presents for my family (and my Uncles wife and her daughter, whom I'm yet to meet. (the daughter, not the wife xD) ) Though it seems highly odd considering we have Christmas in the Summer, and Litha is only days before hand, in which I will probably be stuck making puddings and cakes and things for Christmas. Oh well.

WIP Trees 2

WIP Trees

Those are two I've done thus far. They're still in dire need of a bit more.. uh 'bling' but the actual "trees" are simple enough to make, don't you think? I'm putting everyones innitals one them and using their favourite colours. (Funnily enough, this means I get to make like five purple ones. >.<).

I dunno. Maybe I'll make ornaments fit for Litha and poke them on the tree, or make myself a bigger plushy tree and stick it with my Litha attentions. It bites being the only pagan you know about in an area.

Oh, and I started reading 'The Mists of Avalon' today, I adore it. I've seen the movie (it's on youtube. *hint*) but the book is brilliant.

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